2nd week in.......

Tuesday, 12 January, 2010 - 7:17 pm

After learning all about Brachot we hopped on the bus off to the science museum for some educational fun, we saw all sots of amazing things including the effects that one can do with lighting as was shown in the light show. 

Friday, WOW the week went fast........ In honour of shabbat we tempted to bake challah, but turns out that challah doesn't bake so well in a broken oven, but it was alright because we took the dough home and baked it in our own ovens. 

We made a  gorgeous 'Welcome sign' for their home, as we learnt all about the mitzvah of "Hachnasat Orchim" inviting over guests. We ended the day with a sports game, so that the day could end with a bang! 

We were all excited for first day back in camp (2nd week) as we finally got divided into our bunks.

Tzedaka, Tzedaka, Tzedaka, that is what we give, but its pretty difficult to give Tzedaka without a Tzedaka box...But have no fear as a Tzedaka box was our Arts and Crafts for the day! painting, glueing, sticking, WOW! So much fun! (Parents please make sure that your kids are putting money into the box each day). 

Tuesdays here, and kashrut was first on the list of the day! we learnt all about keeping kosher and how it effects our daily lives.

A show was put on by two of our amazing counsellors, introducing Cecilia and Java (reading each others minds) oh! and don't forget smelly chairs, how did they know what chair they were sitting on??? it still remains a mystery.........

 We had a quick lunch and off we went onto the bus for our afternoon trip. for the younger group we were able to release some energy by bouncing around at lollipops. For the older kids we cooled down in the ice skating ring, even though the ice wasn't fully frozen and we were skating on slush, we couldn't have asked for a better trip.

Only 2 days left for camp :-( stay turned to find out what amazing things we have in store............

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