With All My Heart – The Jewish Art of Prayer and Spiritual Experience


Whether you’re seeking relief from stress; focus, clarity, and connection to a raw and vulnerable place deep within you; or you just want to start each day with a positive, humble, and grateful frame of mind—this course is for you.


With All My Heart: The Jewish Art of Prayer and Spiritual Experience teaches profound Jewish techniques to give wings to our emotions and words to our yearnings, allowing us to make contact and communicate with something much larger than ourselves, and feel comfort and shelter within a reality that’s more whole, more real and more beautiful.


Or if you’re just looking to understand the history, philosophy, and theology of Jewish worship or to discover the deep structure of our prayer book and synagogue traditions, this course will do that too!


Course Dates & Booking Information:


Option 1:

Six Thursday Mornings @ 10AM In Carindale

Commencing Thursday August 8, 2019


Option 2:

Six Monday Evenings @ 7.30PM In The Brisbane CBD

Commencing Monday Aug. 12, 2019


Cost: $150 (Including Text Book) - $130 for BHC Members


For online bookings go to or for more information call 07 3843 6770 or email:


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